It is an established fact that the learning curve of children and their ability to grasp new and advanced concepts, are enhanced through the use of play-based activities like dramatic play, art, and social games. That is why we use ‘Learning Through Play’ as a methodology in our Nursery and Kindergarten classes.

In the field of Early Childhood Education, there are several approaches for the curriculum. We, at The Saint Momina School, have drawn upon the finest elements from these approaches to develop the best curriculum for the holistic development of your child. It is our view that the first two years of your child’s school life is the ideal opportunity to mould their ‘sense of self’.

We follow a non-formal, yet structured approach to learning with a focus on family, home, culture and language. Here, children are encouraged to explore the environment around them, through projects that integrate Art, Craft, Technology, Music and Dance. Besides, our activities are designed to develop each child’s Fine Motor Skills and encourage Sensory Development.

Primary Education

The Saint Momina School Jainpur builds on the spirit of exploration during Primary Education using a teaching-learning process that is collaborative and based on discovery.We place emphasis on acquiring language skills, gaining clarity of mathematical concepts, the discovery and understanding of scientific principles and an awareness and appreciation of the diversity of India, as well as World History & Culture.

Wider Curriculum

The Saint Momina School Jainpur believes in a holistic approach to the curriculum, rather than merely focusing on rote-learning and text-book knowledge. The focus is on central concepts and principles, problem-solving and finding innovative solutions. Students will be encouraged how to think rather than what to think. Our programs have integrated the latest technology into the curriculum.