Principal Desk

Pirncipal of Best Private school in Bulandshahr

Mr. N. K. Sharma (Principal)

Saint Momina School Village Jainpur strives to make a child’s first experience with school a happy and memorable one. We provide a rich environment that encourages the development of the whole child. Saint Momina School is a safe place for children to experience a variety of activities that meet the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual needs of an individual child. We believe that each family is unique with varying needs. We also believe that the best way to facilitate learning is provide a loving, safe and interesting environment for the children. A pleasant environment can offer a mix of stimulation and tranquility for both body and mind. We facilitate learning by following the children’s interests.

We encourage children to work and play independently and be at ease away from home, to learn to live effectively with each other and value one’s own rights and those of others, to develop self-identity and positive self-esteem, and to be curious, to wonder, to question, and to seek answers.

I feel great pleasure to retrospect the journey of Saint Momina Group of Schools, which has been a wonderful experience with the taughts, teachers, parents and management authorities. Truly speaking, the collective efforts of one and all has become our real strength to get accomplishment of our well chosen goal that is called success. With the help of the foundation of learning laid in the Institute, many of its passed out students, over the years proving themselves by gaining better positions in different fields of work and winning laurels by noticeable achievements. Worthy endeavors of the staff members ensure the remarkable performance of the students in various field of learning constantly in the school. It gives me hearty happiness and immense satisfaction.

Our prospect is to remain committed to produce role models who are socially responsible and sensitive, mentally and physically fit, morally and spiritually developed and academically sound, so that they may face the challenges of work and give importance to community outreach. Swami Vivekananda aptly said, “To serve mankind is to serve God”. The students, faculties and parents are sensitized about the community concern by various effective programmes. The school, the family and the community are three major contexts in which students live and grow. We follow a pragmatic approach in which the faculty and students are empowered to associate the community with resources, service and opportunity and seek that family share responsibility for child’s learning. The school education is incomplete, if we are not able to teach our children, the appreciations of moral values like helpfulness, consideration for other, readiness to cooperate, awareness of responsibility, tolerance, caring and sharing

Our working is governed by the thought that the quality of education for children basically depends on more basic human and social resource in a school especially on the commitment and competence i.e. the will and skill of the educators and on the students’ effort to learn. To attain the goal that the school must be a knowledge and skill center, the teachers are sufficiently empowered to decide what to teach, how to teach what material to use and how to assess students. Teachers empowerment is also correlated with task motivation they are critically engaged with content pedagogy, observation, drama, craft, storytelling and reflective enquiry. I assume that for quality education empowering teachers as leaders is inevitable for it great care is taken to ensure that the teacher is placed at the center of the reform movement in the field of education and involved in vital decision making with a teaching that he / she is working with the head instead of working for the head.

Nobility of the teaching is accepted by great scholars, thinkers and Saints. Franklin has really said well to point out the significance of teachers in the words. “Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than even their parents, for these (i.e. parents) gave life, those (i.e. teachers) the art of living well.”

“Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than even their parents, for these (i.e. parents) gave life, those (i.e. teachers) the art of living well.”

Wishing joyous festivals of the years with plenty of peace and prosperity and wishing you all the very best.