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Best CBSE Private School in Bulandshahr

An indomitable spirit of steadfastness, a powerful will, and a focused mind can produce amazing results. An innovative and noble idea planted by a dedicated father in his sincere and driven son has flourished magnificently like

Our Motto and Vision

Our vision is to bring joy to learning and care in all facets of our lives at Saint Momina School Jaipur. We strive to foster creative thinking,
collaboration, inquisitiveness, and personal integrity within the school to enhance the success of all students and staff.

Admission Process

We look forward to meeting the parents from the JNP Core Team of Saint Momina School. In this way, you will be able to better understand our school and make an informed choice regarding your child’s future

Welcome to Saint Momina School- Jainpur, a center of Excellence in Education!

Best CBSE Private School in Bulandshahr

Educating your child of excellence, empowering them, and being a partner through the journey is our goal. By employing a staff of highly qualified and experienced teachers, we instil academic rigour, competitiveness, and achievement into each of our students. Our school follows the C.B.S.E. curriculum and is affiliated with C.B.S.E.

St. Momina School offers learning opportunities that promote holistic development, foster intellectual curiosity, assist students in thinking outside the box, and instill the joy of learning through cooperation and collaboration.


A sound value system, good life skills, and emotional maturity are important for children’s future success

in good stead in the future. St. Momina School’s mission is to be a friend, a philosopher, a guide for your child as he or she embarks on the journey of learning by providing education that leads to excellence turn paves the path for Empowerment. Through our educational efforts, we enable your child to become a well-rounded individual ally, foster the development of intellectual and innovative minds, and instil a love of learning through cooperation and collaboration. Children will be equipped with life skills, emotionally intelligent skills, and a sound value system that will hold them in good stead in the future. St. Momina School is here to provide a friend philosopher, and pedagogical support for your child’s experience through educating for excellence and building the path for Empowerment.. Under the expert leadership of our Principal, our faculty is highly competent and experienced Principal, Mrs. Savita Singh, inspires knowledge, learning, and personal growth in our students. The qualified and experienced faculty at our school, led by our

Principal, Mrs Savita Singh, inspires knowledge, learning, and personal growth in our students. Through our curriculum and learning programs, we strive to maximize the learning potential of each student and to enable them to achieve their academic goals, emotionally, and socially. Instilling a liberal attitude in our students, and promoting community involvement and partnerships between parents and schools. Developing global citizens by developing responsible young people..

Parent-School Partnerships and Community Integration Programs are designed to instill liberal attitudes, a strong belief in ethics, and respect for all life in our students. ‘global citizens’.

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